Wednesday, November 26, 2008

gratitude IIII

I have to say being in Andy's family has some HUGE advantages. Being one of 11 children, can be so much fun. Not that everyone has all been together at once yet, but much fun.

My sister in laws are so awesome. They are some of my very best friends. I totally lucked out. Michelle, Brandon's wife, and I can talk for hours. We have some of the same exact ways of parenting and see eye to eye on a lot of things with our children which is hard to find sometimes. I have known her for a long time. I am so grateful for her in my life. She is such a great example to me and I am better for knowing her.

Paige, Brian's wife, I talk to just about everyday. We instant message each other. She has been there for me for a lot of things. It is so nice I can just sit down to my computer and ask her whatever I need to know. I often refer to her as Dr. English. I ask her everything and she always has an answer. This girl is as smart as it comes, and I fully take advantage of it. I do not think I would even know how to email if it weren't for her, much less instant message, facebook and blog! She is a blessing that I am so grateful for and know I am the one that got lucky out of our friendship! Plus she has talked with Edward...had a date with him actually. Check her blog!

Saraih is Jake's wife. When I read her blog I am so impressed by her. When we visit of talk on the phone I always am left thinking, she is amazing. She is a good mom and has a lot on her plate and she is always on top of things. She is able to handle so many things thrown at her and I am so grateful she has such a great attitude even when she is sick or her kids are sick of her husband is out of town. And she is one crafty little lady and fits crafts in all the time even with three small children.

Sarah, is Matt's wife. When Matt was dating Sarah all he would ever tell us was that she was just like me. I was so eager to meet her and see what she was like. Sarah is such a sweet mom and such a good mom to their little girl. Diana is so cute and I love checking the pictures that Sarah puts on their site. Sarah and I do have a lot of the same ideals. I have recently found out that she has a love affair with clorox wipes a lot like my own! I hope to see her more and more and be able to continue our relationship more in person. She is a great gal and I am grateful for her in our family.

Gloria, the newest additions:), is Adams wife. I love this girl. She is spunky and sweet and fun to be with. Since they have moved closer we have been able to see them more and get to know each other better. They are staying with us for Christmas and we are so excited about it. She went to school for teaching and you can just tell she is an amazing teacher. She is always concerned about doing what is right and is such a sweet mom to her darling little boy Jordan. I am lucky they live close to us so we will be able to see each other a lot and get to know each other even better!

Michelle, Andy's sister, is such a great friend. I have known this girl since she was little little. I cannot believe the woman she has grown up to be. She is one of the best mom's I know. She is so good with her girls. She is patient and kind. I owe so much to her for all the help she has given our family. She is so willing to watch my kiddos. All of them. And there isn't anyone I'd rather them be with. I am lucky we live near each other. We have such a great relationship and she is one of my best friends.

Nicole, Andy's sister, was such a huge help over the summer. She is always willing to get in there and help out in whatever way needed. She doesn't wait to be asked. She is so great with my kids and shows them constantly how much she loves them. She is so good with them. We love talking with her and see how her life is at the Y. We miss having her here, but are so grateful she gets to have the BYU experience. She is a wonderful young lady and we are so grateful to have her in this family.

Cherise, Andy's sister, is so high spirited and kind. We love having her around here. It was so fun her senior year of high school to have her hanging around a lot. Every time we would ask her if she wanted to do something with her friends she always said she rather be with us. It was always a party when she was here. Always fun. She went away to BYU-I this semester and is already engaged. I cannot believe it. We love her so much and cannot wait to see her soon. Her fiance is staying with us over Christmas so I am sure we will see lots of her too, can't wait!

Last, but not least, Cami. What a little cutie she is. My kids adore this girl. Bennett's whole life has revolved around Cami. He absolutely loves this girls and my other children have followed suit. They all love her and she is so helpful and loves to play with the kids and read them stories. We love having her here. She is actually downstairs with the kids right now as I type this. I love this girl. I am so grateful for be here and watch her grow up. She is such a treat!

So as you can see I am blessed. Not only do I have Andy as my husband, but marrying him not only did I get the sister I always wanted, but I got NINE! I am a lucky lady I tell ya!

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