Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He shoots...

He scores!!!!Bennet played soccer again this year. This was his second year playing. When the season started off he didn't seem to interested. It also happen to be the week I was in the hospital. My dad took him and said he seemed to not even want to be there. I was pretty sure it had to do with all the uncertainty in his life at the time.

Sure enough the next week he all of a sudden became a huge assett to the team. In fact he scored the most goals on his team for the season. Sometimes up to 5 goals a game. Even the coach at the end of the year party said, Bennett you were the biggest surprise of the season.

I am so happy for him. You could totally tell he was so pleased with himself throughout this season. I would normally have to stay home with the baby and he would come home and be so excited to tell me how it went.

Now we will have to wait till next season. Until then, good bye soccer...hello cold weather!

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