Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what's going on?

I am sitting here on my couch after a long day of many many diaper changes looking at my sweet not so quite newborn and wondering where the time has gone? I haven't even updated my blog in a long time, I seem to always be "working" and planning ahead.

Our basement is just about compete. There are just a few things that need to be done. We need to do the shelves in the closets and hang the mirror in the bathroom and it is done. Fun huh? It looks great. There is only one thing I regret...we did NOT put a closet in the toy room! What on earth were we ever thinking. I mean initially we were planning on it, but since it is kind of like a big open room there was really no way to do it and use the space well, so we didn't and now I am mad. Oh well. It looks so great. Yesterday I had Cami here, my sil who is 11, and she helped me with the kids and get some things done down there. Everything in our unfinished storage has about 2 inches of yuck on it from the framing, dry wall, carpet, you name it. I wanted to clean off my food storage and get that organized and placed where it needs to be so I can take inventory on what we need. I plan on working on that tomorrow at that place especially the new clean one they just built! It will take forever to get the basement where we would like it, but it will look fantastic once we are done. I am lovin' it and so are the kids. I want to do some fun things in the toy room and my craft room, but that will have to wait I am sure. Just getting it livable is taking long enough. Anyway look for some more Monday Makeovers once we get the basement done.

We also painted the living room that used to be home to our millions of toys. (Please tell me why one earth we have more toys than Toy's R Us!) It is Y- E to the LLO, I tell ya. I mean it is Yellow. I was wanting a yellow kitchen and decided with the family room being a blue color it wouldn't work so I moved my yellow room to the living room. I like it, but it is BOLD. I am pretty sure it will be the only room I will want to change in the future. You will see photos of that room soon as well. We still need to pick up our piano my dad bought for us years ago at an auction...can't wait to get it!

I am getting excited for the holidays. I always get a little stressed about this time each year. I get nervous to be able to balance out time wisely during the holidays. I always am so afraid to hurt someones feelings, but I am getting older and realizing that I need to think about my children first and figure out what is good in our little family's schedule and go from there. We are having several house guests and I have already made menus up and plan on making the meals a head of time and keep them in the freezer when needed. It is always such a drag to leave the fun to make the food. The snacks and treats keep me busy enough, so I am thinking this should really help. We will see. As far as Christmas gifts--I am WAY behind. I hope to tackle a lot of that this weekend. Normally each year I get our kids one larger gift and a book and then a family game. We don't go all out. There are several reasons why. One, I do not like Christmas day to be all about the loot. Yes it is so fun to see my children open up gifts, but I like them to be able to enjoy what they get and not be so overwhelmed with so much that they don't even know where to begin. Also they get so much from my family that it would be WAY over board if I went out of control. Anyway, so I need to get their gifts and family gifts and hopefully be done before the stores get to out of control.

My teeth, my poor teeth. I got into an accident when I was single at BYU and knocked out all of my front teeth. I have a bridge and several crowns. That being said I had great teeth before that. No cavities. In fact I got my first cavity when I was 24 when I was pregnant with Bennett. And I had not one or two but NINE. I have never fully recovered from that. Before I got preggers with Paxton I had to have a tooth pulled because my temporary filling fell out. I am sure you are all happy to learn about my dental woes, but my point being Andy has been going to town on my teeth. I finally have a new bridge, well in the works. And I will basically have a tooth lift, because every single tooth will be new. I am excited to see my new mouth. Should be done by Christmas I hope! It is weird having your husband inflict all that pain on you...weird.

So we have been getting our NICU bills. YUCK! I cannot believe how expensive that was. I knew it would be bad, but this is out of control. The overall bill was outrageous, but the part we need to cover is horrid as well. I am not sure how we will do that, but hopefully blessings with keep on coming. We have felt so grateful up to this point for everything I am sure this will work out. And there is no amount that I could pay that would ever show my thanks for a healthy sweetheart...speaking of...

My baby is EIGHT WEEKS OLD!!! He is so darn cute. I am in love all over again. He is making little cooing sounds and stares me in the eye while I am feeding him. Be still my heart. I am so in love with my little man, who by-the-way is sleeping not 8 BUT 9 HOURS a night!!! Oh I love him, see people, that is exactly why I keep having them, they are perfect! I am kidding, but still how grateful am I for this sweet little miracle. I can't even begin to express that.

I am a little bit worried about the new president elect. Don't get me wrong I am happy to see a new president come in and get things settled down again and I hope he can do that, but his whole hope for socialized health care has got me a little worried. I have spoke to my SIL about this and I am sure she is rolling her eyes right now because we have both said there is no reason to get worked up about something I cannot change, but still it makes me a little nervous. I guess we will see how that goes!

This morning I was just about to lose my patience when I walked in on Jadeyn trying to change Maddox's poopy diaper. Lovely right. And at that time every single one of them were poopy. I know I know, it is way past time to get the twins potty trained, but I fully believe it is best to let them decide when they want to be "trained". Anyway, I was bending down to change a diaper and I instantly thought of the country song Your gonna miss this. I am so grateful that in my adult life, married with children, I have never wished away any part of my life. I never have wanted life to hurry along, or move faster. I actually want exactly the opposite. I know I would miss this. They can be a handful, life can be stressful, but I would miss this, I will miss this. These words ring through my mind a lot I tell ya...

You're gonna miss this

You're gonna want this back

Your gonna wish these days

Hadn't gone by so fast

These are some good times

So take a good look around

You may not know it now

You're gonna miss this

The part about the dog barking the plumber there one kid's crying one kid's screaming sounds all too familiar :)

PS I promise to add photos tomorrow!


Karyn said...

Your basement sounds fantastic! It must be so nice to stretch out in a real house after your cozy Chicago apartment! Storage just sounds so lovely!
You have four in diapers, right? Whew. Bless your heart!
Good luck with your new teeth! Kindof makes me think of a Christmas song... all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. :)

Amber said...

Terica I am addicted to your blog! I love to read your entries because you help me keep life in perspective. These kids we have are such a blessing and what a blessing to be able to stay home and take care of them every day. To watch them learn and grow. I love your attitude. You pick me up. Thanks for your great example and for your attitude of gratitude!

Kristin said...

Guess I should count my blessings...I only have three in diapers! (though two of them leaked out today...yuck)

Sounds like you are getting lots done in your home. Good work!