Friday, November 21, 2008

my dad

a little blog here just asking for prayers for my sweet dad. poor guy is going through some "stuff". not to cast my problems, or his, before the blogging world, but i know and have seen some amazing things through the "power" of blogging done so i thought i would just ask for a few prayers. i feel like i have been doing a lot of that lately. paxton and now my dad.

10 years ago while i was in college he had a heart attack. that was hard, harder on me than him i think. years later he ran into a fence during a softball game coming into home and cracked his head open getting hundreds of stitches. he then found out a few years ago that he has a rare type of cancer. this again isn't as bad as it seems, some bad side effects, but the kind of cancer you die with and not from, so that is good, as good as cancer gets i suppose. there aren't any treatments you just deal with it. 6 months ago he had a blood clot in his heart and it was relieved literally seconds before it would have been too late. now last week he had a stroke. not the kind of stroke i think of when i hear of stroke, but an eye stroke. still not good, but the only thing it effected was his sight in one eye. after getting some blood labs back looks like he has some number WAY too high so now he is going back to an oncologist.

the poor guy has always had a pretty positive attitude about it all, but enough is enough already. i know what it is like just to have a cold and that is all you think about, i cannot imagine the stress he may be feeling. so that is where all my friends come in. i would really appreciate all the prayers we can get. if you are into that sort of thing, please keep him in your prayers. it would mean so much.


Jackie said...

Oh Terica, I'm so sorry. We will remember him in our prayers. Hang in there.

Amber said...

Your dad will be in my prayers Terica.

Karyn said...

Our prayers are your prayers. I hope all is well soon.