Saturday, November 15, 2008

I have a you have an answer?

So what do you do if this happens???
Yesterday Andy went to Ashley furniture store.
He bought a couch for the living room.
While walking out he sees his favorite sectional for the basement that we decided to wait on.
He watches them put a clearance sticker on the sectional.
He calls and says, we NEED it.
After a short conversation and realizing it was one great steal we agree.
Let's get it.
We get it.
We buy two couch's in one day.
Not so genius when you are trying to save.
We do it anyway.
We get the "steal of a deal" home.
Andy and the other two amazing guys who offered to help cannot for the life of them figure out how to get the over sized couch, which by the way looked on the smaller side of couches in the showroom, down our stairs.
Tried through a window.
Didn't work.
Tried everything.
Nothing worked.
We get a little down and out.
We remember FINAL SALE no returns.
Andy suggests Craigslist.
Way to good of a deal for that.
I suggest...
cutting a whole in the floor and lowering it into the basement.
Jokingly of course.
Kyle, my sweet brother who helped us with that as well as the "worlds heaviest piano" today suggests...
digging around the window in the back to make a bigger opening.
So guess what we will be doing this week.
You guessed it.
Digging a larger whole around the window well in the back...
you have a better idea...Any answers????


Nicole Kesten said...

this is for the basement right?? i know my friends had the hardest time getting their sectional in and ended up bringing it in double doors off their bedroom that had a balcony they had on their second floor and then dropping it down to the basement.. a lot of work but no digging required. good luck!!!

Karyn said...

Whoa. It reminds me of a couch we got an amazing deal on when we lived downtown. It came and would NOT go through our door. Windows were not an option because we were on the 43rd floor. No returns. We ended up taking a loss for it on Craigslist. Still not my favorite thing to talk about. Stressful.

Good luck! It must have been a really great deal! And the perfect couch!

Libby said...

I've heard of people cutting the couch in half. What's it made out of? If the cushions come off maybe you could perform some sort of liquid nails miracle on the frame. If it doesn't look so good after that you can always drape a lovely crocheted blanket over the cut. I have several you can borrow that I got for my wedding. Good luck!

Fideles Five said...

I think maybe you need some Marine Corps muscles....Casey'll be able to help out if you need any! It's hard to imagine it not going down the stairs. Let us know when you start to dig.

Fideles Five said...

Try cutting the legs off, if it has legs....

Sariah English said...

wow, it reminds me of the basement appartment we lived in and you guys found out that fantastic couch. We had to cut the arm off the couch, take out the hide a bed and re-build it back in the basement! I sure hope you find a way to get in the house. Have you tried to remove your windows? I remember having to do that as a kid growing up. Good luck, can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

Felicity and Ben said...

Can you take the couch apart and then put it back together. it might be less work than digging a hole.