Monday, November 24, 2008

"I am one stomach flu away from my goal weight..."

Today is my lucky day! After a rough morning with all four older kids sick, I had Andy come home. Once he got here I told him after lunch he could go back because I could handle it, they seemed to be getting better. He went back and his sweet patient that apparently was in a lot of pain sent me flowers for allowing him to come back to work. Wow what a nice lady. A day that started out with the nasty smell of sick kids ended with a lovely smell of beautiful flowers. What a cute vase too! A little acorn! I am a lucky woman. Have any of you ever sent your dentist, much less dentist's wife flowers before? I have never. I am liking it though...

Name that movie?

Yesterday Bennett came home from church and took a nap...odd. He woke up and threw up. Nice. In my eight years of being a parent I have never had a child throw up. Why did it have to start.

He went to bed and was just as white as a ghost and threw up about 20 times. Poor guy, I felt so bad for him. He couldn't eat anything. I told him he had to get better to go to school because he was off most the week and would want to go these two days. He woke up and came into my room with his clothes on, coat and backpack on his back. I asked him if he felt better and he said no and I asked why he got ready and he said because I wanted him to go to school. Honestly even if he wasn't sick this poor kid threw up so much yesterday that I wouldn't want to go to school either it had to wear him out. So he took off his coat and bag and went back to bed.

I had to get up and get ready for Paxton's 2 month check up and then I was going to go to the dentist. I got ready, fed the baby and went into to get Maddox out. All three of the kids were being so quiet. I walked into Maddox's room and he wasn't there as I inspected closer I noticed there was throw up all over his sheets. Bennett got him out and cleaned him up he said, but he jammies were still gross all with his pants at his ankles.

I then went to Cortland's room and he very excitedly showed me chunks...gross I know, sorry to not spare you the details. He obviously did it in his sleep because he had no clue what is was, where it came from or that he did it. Next was Jadeyn and the poor girl was just beside her self. She was holding her mouth saying, "I don't want it mama", I felt so bad for her. They are just still too young to know what to do when it happens and to explain what is going on.

They obviously would not eat anything. Luckily I had Andy's mom coming over to watch the kids while I was gone. When she walked in I told her I would not blame her if she wanted to leave and she graciously accepted the nasty duty.

I left making it in time for Paxton's two month check up. He weighs 10 pounds now. He is kind of on the little side. His head is still in the 46 percentile which is so tiny compared to Bennett's head, but then again Bennett still weighed a pound more than Paxton at birth compared to Pax at two months, so it shouldn't surprise me. Poor little Paxton got 4 shots. I felt so bad he was laying there cooing and smiling at me, which is my most favorite thing in the world and then in comes the needles. He survived and off to Target we went.

I went to Target and got some Pedilyte and too many other things too. I always seem to spend way too much money there. I should ban myself from there completely, but it is like a drug to me!

We got home and Andy was here for lunch to help get the laundry going, sanitize the house and put kids down for naps with me. They haven't been sick yet again today so that is nice. I am happy to get things back to normal. My house smells of lysol, clorox wipes and room fresheners.

Last night I woke up once and thought I was going to throw up myself and luckily did not. I was so mad and didn't want to get sick and then thought of Devil Wears Prada where she says, I am one stomach flu away from my ideal weight and I literally thought to myself, maybe the stomach flu wouldn't be all that bad. I am crazy I know. Although it would be more like I am four stomach flu's away from my goal weight.

I never thought I would blog about throw up, but I guess it was bound to happen when you have 7 people living under one roof! So I am off to sanitize a little more while listening to my new Abba CD thanks to Target. What a love hate relationship I have with them!

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Sariah English said...

You should add this to your list of thankfullness, it is just a blessing that you havn't had to deal with this till now, AND you are not pregnant! Sorry to hear. It is not fun. I have been through this MANY times. Good luck! Nice flowers