Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My little one

Paxton is getting so big. Well actually he is not getting big, he is getting old. He still looks so tiny and little to me, which I love, what are the chances that could last for about 18 years? He is so fun and still so good. I cannot believe he is TWO months young.

Here is what he is up to...
He sleeps a lot, I mean A LOT!
Holds his head up really well

Is beginning to smile a lot

He is still a really good eater

Sleeping 9 hours a night

He doesn't complain when the kids maul him, which is always

He is such a pleasure to have in our home

I couldn't be in love more...

I love how huge the binky looks in his mouth


gloria said...

That binkie does look big!

Amber said...

Oh, sooo sweet.