Wednesday, November 19, 2008


{Bennett did the skeleton pumpkin himself...pretty good if you ask me}
Oh boy, did the kids love Halloween. In the morning when they woke up Cortland instantly said so sweet, "it's a happy Halloween". He has pretty much said that every morning since.

They kids had a fun day. I had my 6 week check up and got the ok to start working out. I then went to Bennett's school party. We had Papa Murphy's jack-o-lantern pizza and off we were for a night of trick or treating.

It was just so cute watching them walk up to each home. They got quite the haul too. Our neighborhood is the GREATEST 'hood for trick or treating. Every one goes all out. They have hay rides. Every one decorates and lets talk about the good candy. What happen to smarties and sprees? I guess those were the days gone by because my kids pretty much got ALL chocolate candy bars with MANY MANY FULL SIZE!!!! Luckily Bennett's teacher asked for candy donations for the treasure box. My kids are not really into candy other than a sucker. They ate some candy Halloween night and have not touched it since. Andy and I are happy we shipped it off to the teacher, because let's just say...we loved the candy.
{This is not the best photo, but I love how J has her arm around sweet.}

{My little tasty banana}

{Cortland the monkey with a major ouchie}

{the two monkey's with there banana}

{these two walked around like this all night just chatting away, not really interested in the candy, just enjoying eachothers company}

{daddy and maddy}
{some more halloweenie food}

{biscuts, with sloppy joes and jack-o-lantern cheese}
{our dinner in the pumpkin it was SOOOOO tasty!}

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