Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Did I really not blog about Halloween? Really?

I thought for sure I blogged about Halloween? How did this happen? Anyway, we had a great Halloween in our usual themed way. I will be so sad when the day comes I do not get to encourage them into what they should be. Although, we do already know what they want to be next year. Should be fun!

This year we went with a Tinker Bell theme. Cortland loves the Return to Neverland Movie and Pirate anything so him being Captain Hook was a given. Well that was until the costume came and then he was kind of scared to actually be him. He would say things like, "what if I turn mean?" or "what if I become bad?". Super sweet. He did like having a sword though. Even if it was thrown away, or should I say "lost" before Halloween actually hit! It was actually not cold either so Jadeyn's costume did not have to be covered up by a coat of any sort. Although by the end of the night, she was a bit cold, poor girl. Maddox was the most perfect little "peta pan" I have ever seen. I wish I would have kept the pirate costume for Paxton that I bought and took back. I just thought we might as well use one we have. He was a cute little monkey and since that is his alter ego, we went with it. Bennett from the moment we started talking Halloween he wanted to be a football player, even though he actually is a football player. We did have to bang him up a bit though to make it interesting. Boys...

We had a great night and luckily it was not just a night of festivities. It was a few weeks of Halloween fun. Such a fun time of year for all of us!

(I for some reason can not view the pictures I am uploading to my blog posts. I would normally write under then what they are and something about the photo, but no such luck!)

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Sarah said...

I love the first pic where Maddox looks like he's going to puke from eating so much candy! Hilarious!