Monday, February 7, 2011

Heard around the house...

Or seen I suppose. Or what happens to be going on right about now.

Bennett is growing like crazy and I am in total denial that he will be 10 in the spring. I love that he is still into his mom. He is not embarrassed by me or his family. He loves to play games with us or watch a movie or just hang out. He is not a child that has to be at someones house all the time or have someone over, he is content and I pray hard that can continue for quite some time. He won in the pinewood derby and gets to go to district. (whatever that is:)) At his parent teach conference which was a long time ago the teacher told me that he does so well in school, but she is most impressed by his concern for others and how he is genuinely nice to every one. That makes me more happy than straight A's for sure. Math is his favorite subject and she reassured us of that. I have always known this. This is the kids that would come home from Kindy so sad he did not have homework and have me make up notebooks and notebooks of multiplications problems. So cute. For some national testing they did the school ranked? 67%, the state 62% and Bennett had a 98.9%. Yeah, I would say he likes math. The teacher said no one finished the math portion so that is why he missed the 1.1% I am guessing! So funny! I had to do that math, he did not get it from me obviously! I love him and there is no doubt he was supposed to be the leader and first in our family. It was his role our family. He is not perfect by any means, this year he has decided that he can say no if he wants to gain some independence and we have taught him that in certain situations that is great, in most situations with us, not so much! He working on that!
Jadeyn is still twirling with the best of them. The other night on our way home for a date night, we were talking about how much we really really love our kids. We talked about all their personalities at birth. Jadeyn was wide eyed and ready to take on this beautiful world. Andy said if we knew what we know now, we would know she was wanting to scream out, "just give me some hair to twirl and I will be fine!" We got a good laugh at that.

She is really wanting this baby to be a girl, although she is prepared for a boy. She still thinks his name should be rock climber and for the life of me I have no idea where that came from. She kisses my stomach nearly every hour and always is talking about what she is going to do with her baby. She is SO excited to have a new baby in our home. She is just tickled
about it. She really wants someone to share a room with, so for her sake, it would be great if this was a girl. She is the only one that has her own room. I am sure in about 10 years though, she would be perfectly happy with that. Or maybe not. I still wish I had a sister to share a room with.
Cortland who just had a major accident yesterday is still my soft little boy. He fell last night and bit through his tongue, nearly all the way through. It was bad. Very bloody and sad. Andy took him up to his office to do stitches because he said it was one of the worst mouth wounds he has ever seen. He got up there and it was a no go. He would not let him do it. Even on nitrous. So he came home and most of the night while he was sleeping he would moan and groan. Poor little guy. It made me so so sad. This morning though he was still in pain, it looked SO much better! I love how quickly the mouth heals!

Although he is my sentimental one, he is also my most boyish one too. He likes anything sword-ish and stuff like that. He will make anything a sword, which I hate. He is still attached to his "nite-nites" and had the best most kissable cheeks! I love to kiss him and tell him all the time how much I love him. When I ask if he knows how much I love him he says, yes. I ask how and he says "because nobody didn't tell me". I have NO idea what that means, but it is so so cute when he says it. I love it! He gets asked that a lot!

Maddox is so cute and so fun. I mentioned before in his birthday post how he has an accent that is sort of a English/long island accent. It melts my heart. He always say "this is for Lata" instead of later. Just today I noticed he said it the correct way and I kid you not, I had a tear in my eye.

Another Maddoxism is when we are doing our morning or evening jobs if he is not into it, he will always say, "I'm too busy". He will actually be sitting there doing nothing at all. It is his way to say, I am not doing it. He does it. I still love when he says it though.
Paxton is talking like crazy. He says the cutest things. Like when you are playing catch which he loves to do, if you catch it he says, "you win!". It is so cute. He says things that seriously make me shake my head! How does he know these things already? He amazes me by what he learns. He can almost spell his name. Which we just got done with the twins learning that. If you ever ask him if he is my baby, he will say "no I'm monkey!" When he goes down for a nap or bedtime if he does not fall asleep right away he will walk out of his room and downstairs and say all cheerfully, "I wake up!" like he had been sleeping. It is so funny.

I think it is safe to say I like this monkey. He is such a perfect addition to our family.
Paxton bumped his lip and had a puffy lip and he wanted a bandaid. So cute@

Andy is still in love with his job. It makes me so happy I have a husband that absolutely adores his job. It is like a day of fun for him. Even when drug seekers call at 2 in the morning. He still likes it! He made Presidents Club through work which we are all very excited! We were close. Very close. I am not even sure what it all takes other than a lot. A LOT. It is a lot of work and very hard to reach. They have to make it a hard goal to reach, because they go all for those who make it. We got really lucky and are so so so so excited to go in just 21 short days!!! I am so lucky to have a husband who doesn't look at house work as my work. He is so helpful!
(this picture is so weirdly cropped. What happened?)
I am chugging along in this pregnancy. Still surprised I am 28 weeks or so and have no idea what I am having. I want to be able to bond with the baby. I want to plan and prepare, but I am very surprised I am not having a harder time. I am impressing my impatient self. I have gotten some sort of my "Steam" back because I have been organizing up a storm! I love it. I am not sure Andy does, but he humors me. I also have plans of a laundry room redo! I am excited to see how it turns out. This weekend, I hope!

We are currently looking for a bigger car. We will see how that goes. I am looking for very specifics at the price I want. It is looking to be tougher than I was hoping! I think we are going with a Yukon XL. We will see!

In other great news...I have new niece and she is presh! I am in love with her. If this is a boy, I will have a girl to love on whenever I want! I just love her. So is so adorable.
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That is what is going on in our neck of the woods. There is much more I am sure, but I just wanted to jot some things down while they are fresh in my mind!

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