Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have said that for 33 years I have made it a point to not be into football. I don't care about it in the least. It probably has something to do with the fact the football was always on in my house growing up. ALWAYS, or we were at a game, or practicing for a game or cheerleading for a game. Lots of football and I did not get it at all nor did I want to, to be honest.

With all that said, this year after a few of being begged to be able to play, we caved. I knew it would be good for Bennett to play, so we did it. We signed him up to play, against my true wishes. In fact we thought about it a little too late and missed the cut off date. Here in O town, football is a BIG deal. They turn away over 100 kids every year. We were put on a waiting list. I knew it did not look good so I painfully told Bennett he probably would not be able to play this year. The sign up guy emailed me and said I know you are on the waiting list, but to be honest, we never pull anyone off there. Maybe the top two kids, but no one ever quits, so the chances are slim, very slim, to none. I was so heartbroken for B. Here his parents, well mom, finally gives in and she didn't sign up in time.

We basically threw the towel in. Then one night at 10:43 I got an email from the same guy and said, this particular coach is tough and he has had 3 kids drop out. You were number 15 on his list and I have contacted everyone and no one has gotten back to me. If I hear back from you by midnight he is on the team. I was so thankful I was actually on the computer that late! We made it. I woke up B to share the good news and he was so so excited. So this started our journey on Pee Wee.

I actually have a lot of pictures, but they are on my other computer so I will have to upload those some day. Here are just a few to show how cute these little guys are. Bennett played center and loved it. He is truly skilled in football. Andy never played and I never liked it and we always joke about how he will probably play college ball and we will all wonder where it came from! I love my little guy. He has a talent and I hope to support him doing this thing he loves. I have to tell ya, I have never in my life been so into sports before this past fall. I can even tell you what a quarterback is and what 1st and 10 means. I never ever knew and I cannot tell you how many times I have cheered that exact phrase!

One cute little thing about Bennett is the first couple of games when he would tackle someone or just if someone went down he would help them up, pat their backs and apologize. He had a hard time with that. Finally after the coach told him several times that they know that happens, that is part of the game, he did not feel quite as guilty, but still helped everyone up. How super cute is that?!?

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