Thursday, February 3, 2011

The joys of pregnancy

I am sitting here in a quiet house, only two kids are awake. It is truly amazing how quiet just two kids are. Or even three, and sometimes four. Take one child away and it is a whole other ball game. It is strange. Although I have to say, my kids volume level goes up a few levels anytime anyone is here and it drives me a little crazy. Anyway, this post is not about that.

I am getting ready to head out the door for a doctor appointment. I think I am like 28 weeks? I am not even sure to be honest. That IS what this post is about. I was thinking about my first pregnancy and this pregnancy and how different they are. First of all, the biggest obvious, I am almost 10 years older now than I was the first go around. TEN years! That seems crazy to me. Ten years is a lot of years. It does seem real at all or possible. When I was twenty..., well lets just say younger, I had a lot more energy and was able to stay up a lot later. I had a ton of friends going through the same things and being pregnant. I was much more sick, and had random problems like carpal tunnel, planter warts and teeth problems that did not quit! BUT, and that is a big BUT, I could handle it. I was only 23 years old. This time I have had none of those problems, but I could not handle them now either with five other children and again, being ten years older.

I get to take the glucose test today which I loathe. I cannot handle the taste of the stuff. It is disgusting and rude to make any one, much less a pregnant woman, much less a pregnant woman who cannot stand sugar at the time, take it. I seriously hate soda of any kind, so this stuff pushes me over the edge. It is always weird to me when I hear someone say, it wasn't that bad, or even worse, they liked it! Sick. I have never have sugar problem either and I wish at least after three children they would let you skip by them with the other pregnancies. How great would that be? I have found though if I run my finger under water, a suggestion from the lab tech last year, it goes down a little better. I know it is all in my head, but whatever works!

Another difference this time around is the fact that I want this pregnancy to linger out as long as it wants. My first I was ready to meet the second I found out I was expecting. I hope another difference is this one weighs less than my first too. He was so so so cute, but 11 pounds is a little much, I am thinking even 8 pounds will do too.

I am just so thankful to be able to welcome another sweet babe into our family and home. I feel so blessed. I know not every one can understand why we would want another baby, making our children total an even six, but there is not one moment of my life that I would wish it being any other way. I am grateful for what I have been given and feel humbled to be able to bring another baby into this world.

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Cherise said...

Reading this makes me want to cry a little. only because this will be one of your pregnancies where I will not be there! It's weird, but I remember every bit of when you were prego with paxton and i was at your house late at night. I miss you guys so much! I wish I was there!