Friday, February 11, 2011

The goodies around Christmas

This year Andy kindly asked me to not volunteer to be head room mother. I was last year and really loved it, but it was a lot a work. Not much help from other parents, and I tend to go a little over board which means late nights and tired me. So Andy convinced me this year especially being pregnant. So no one signed up to be head room mom. One mom decided to kind of take lead and get people to help. I went in to help with the Halloween party and brought some treats, but was not in charge and it was awesome! When Christmas came I planned to do the same thing, and then no one could do the party leaving the teacher left to figure something out, so guess who volunteered. Yes, yours truly. I cannot leave well enough alone, I have to keep pushing it. I will think of something and then think of something to make it better and cannot just let it be. So the result was a really awesome party, but a very wore out room mother!

These were the prizes for our games. To add to the stress I was almost at the school and forget the bingo game and had to go all they way home again. When I finally got back to the school I threw everything in the stroller and went running through the school with everything, 5 minutes late and so sorry I was!

Cookie treats for every one and then little candy bags for take home prizes! This does not seem like that big of a deal until I realized how many 35 really was! It take a long time to do all that!
The yummy cupcakes!

Teacher gifts. We also gave them little gift cards to St. Louis Bread Co.. Now I want St. Louis Bread Co..
I love these beautiful snowflake cookies we make every year!
One night after Family Home Evening, we finally made our Gingerbread house. IT was so fun and the kids had a ball!


The Trees said...

Wow! you are so talented Terica! And such a fun Mom. I love that picture of your five with Santa. Adorable.

Amber said...

I copied your teacher gift for Gary's Kindergarten teacher this year. It turned out cute.

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