Friday, February 11, 2011

A whole lot of birthday going on

(For some reason I cannot move my pics once they are in the blog post!!
So they are out of order! Oops!)

My twins are five. MY TWINS ARE FIVE? How can that be? I know I say it all the time, but really? They are getting so big! We celebrated in true E style. We had three parties and the kids did not complain! We just love celebrating around here. We have more like birthweeks around here!

Best cousins! Jadeyn and Natalie. I am so happy that Jadeyn has girl cousins so close. They really love eachother. When Natalie and Julia are here
it for sure seems like a girl dominant home.
I love Julia's face in this pic!
One of his favorite toys...a dart tag game? Or something like that.
J with Grandma Joy.
Opening up some fun things!
Another cake!
Such a pretty cake!

Wishing it was his party too!

The favorite toy of his birthday. A remote control car!
Her favorite! Hello Kitty Makeup. Two of her faves!
They love money and have no idea you use it to buy something!

With Great Grandma!
Mickey and Minnie Cakes!

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Nichole said...

Hi I am a new blogger and I came across your blog. I am so touched by the love that is expressed on your blog. God Bless you and continue to show the love that you share with your family.