Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting ready and being organized

We just got back from a little weekend get-a-way with the kids. Anytime we get away wether it is a short little trip or a big fun filled trip we always come home with the same thing. Time well spent with each other and no distractions. We decided to take this little journey this weekend so we would spend two whole days just with the kids. No laundry/cleaning/running errands/all those other "chores" getting in the way of our times with the kiddos. I love that.

We just headed up to Chicago. We have not been there in almost 4 years since we moved from there. It was surreal. We drove up to Schaumburg first and went to Ikea, which the kids loved, swam at the hotel pool, did the Medieval Times thing, and then headed into the city. I think part of the reason why we have not been back, even though when we left we promised each other we would head back up every 6 months, is because we just loved and adored every moment there and it was hard going back and seeing a place we cherished so much. I wished we still lived there. I had tears in my eyes when we pulled up to our little flat. I pictured us in the window bringing home our twins, sending our firstborn to Kindergarten, bringing home baby number 4, dental school situations, graduation party, all the amazing friends we had there, you know that sort of thing. I cried. I thought of the people that are there now and had to wonder if they are experiencing the amazement we did while living there. As we drove around visiting all of our usual spots it all looked the same, like we never left, like we still lived there and were just vacationing a while away. It truly was surreal. One funny thing we realized while we were there was how little we really went out to dinner or anything like that. To say we were poor does not even do justice to our financial lives at that time. (I love that I only have happy amazing memories of that time in our life and it just goes to show it does not have anything to do with your income or lack there of:)) Chicago is known for eating establishments. When we were driving around we were trying to figure out where to go, and unfortunately we wanted something fast so nothing too amazing was going to happen, but we ended up at Pot Belly. How funny is that. Yes it is SO SO good and I miss that place all too often, but really? That is where we dined? This makes me laugh! I am also sad we did not get to see any of our dear friends that still live there, but the trip was just too short, but we are going to come up this summer and believe me we will see everyone we have missed so much! To say I miss that wonderful place is an understatement. My heart is truly in Chicago.

On our way home late last night I was thinking of what needs to be done this week, the week before our big excursion away. I was thinking about all the things I need to show our "sitter" and if I have already pre made enough meals, and where everything is that she may need or want. I have to say even I roll my eyes at myself when the labeler comes out or I reorganize what has been reorganized. I have to say though, having someone come stay at your house where they know where nothing is, it comes in handy to have the sheets and kids sheets labeled, or the batteries or hair ties, soaps, first aid and such. It should make it a lot easier on her.

I am just praying that every thing goes well for her. I was just telling Andy last night that if I had to watch all five kids by my self for a week I am not sure I could do it and I am asking this sweet girl to? I just hope it goes well...fingers crossed.

This week extra meals will be made, bags will be packed and I am sure I will clean and reclean everything about a dozen of time just to release some extra energy. I am also positively sure I will shed some tears over leaving my little brood. I have a process I go through when leaving my babies. I am so excited when the trip is planned then I feel very sad to leave them, then I get nervous, then I decide not to go, then I get sick to my stomach and then we go and I am still pretty sick then once we get there, all those nerves and fears disintegrate! This will only be our third time leaving the kids, but each time is just as hard. Luckily the girl that we are leaving them with is super sweet and so loving and "huggy" and I know they will not lack of love while I am gone. I am super excited about that. I don't know I probably hug and kiss each person in the house about 23,000 times a day, I worry when they don't get that!

Another goal I have this week is get Christmas blogged and out of the way so when I get home our trip can be documented right a way! I am so excited!

And now I am signing off after a long random blog post! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings!


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