Thursday, February 10, 2011

Giving Thanks...

This year for Thanksgiving it was pretty low key. Well as low key as having 19 people here can be. This was the first year we did not go to my parents house for Thanksgiving. Although we really missed being with my side of the family, a lot, it was really nice just staying home and letting the kids be here and spend time with their cousins.

The day before I made all the pies. I made a yummy peanut butter oreo crust pie, pioneer woman apple pie, pioneer woman pecan pie, pumpkin and a chocolate silk. We had no shortage of pies that is for sure. The spread was so good too. I felt like I was on my feet for two days straight so that was not part of the low key either, but it sure was fun. We got up early and watched the parade and played games and just had a good time the whole day. We all ended up at the movie theater to see Tangled that evening and that movie was SO SO cute. We all loved it.

I love the holidays so much. I just love the extra time we get to have with family.
That is the best part!

The kids gazing at the pies and getting gold fish instead!
Trying to get a family photo. My timer was not working very well.
This picture did not turn out quite like we wanted. We had planned on setting up the timer and after the first picture me saying "ok, on three say Happy Thanksgiving!" Then the second one we said, "Ok on three say Paxton is going to be a big brother!" It would have worked, but everyone was so loud I am not sure anyone really heard!
Oh well, everyone got the memo eventually.
Watching the parade!
The girls love love LOVE Cami!

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