Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting bigger by the minute

This is not an exaggeration. I honestly think I am getting bigger by the minute. Man. It was going so well till about 26 weeks. In fact at my last doctor appointment I was measuring small and he said I only had a cute little baby bump. Wait till he sees me next visit. He will think I ate up that cute little pregnant girl!

What is it about 30 weeks? I just balloon up! I don't really mind getting bigger or even more uncomfortable because I know the end result is all worth it, but man sometimes I wish I was one of those girls who barely look pregnant at month NINE!

So when we decided we wanted to have another baby, we totally timed it out. We know it is not always on your time line, hence the four years between B and the twins, but we decided we wanted to work it around Andy's president club trip so I would be right at 30 weeks and the doc would still let me travel. At my first visit, I asked him about it and he said that would be fine. I was very happy to hear that and very happy to hear he made the trip and very happy when we found out we were going to be able to have that baby we "planned" out!

It will be weird when we get back from our trip I will only have 8 weeks left of this pregnancy. Even as big as I am, I am not ready to be done with this pregnancy. I like it. I like feeling the baby move and wondering what he or she will look like. I am not one to rush a pregnancy along. I want to savor every moment. I just feel so blessed to even be able to have another baby. So blessed.

I have decided to take my workouts a little more serious. Maybe go back to five days at the gym instead of three or less! I am also going to cut out most of the sugar I am eating. There is just not reason for it. I am not a big sugar eater anyway especially because this pregnancy it has made me sick, but still I am hoping for success.

I just wanted to jot some things down about this pregnancy before I go to bed. Yes it is only 8:30, but more power to me. With as much as I toss around at night, it probably eats up about 2 hours anyway, so why not start off early! I am still sleeping pretty well. Not any major complaints. I do like to have pillows all around me, but I feel like I am getting pretty good sleep, although I only see this lasting about 2 more weeks. We will see...

K, so I am off to bed. Sweet dreams my sweet readers!


The Trees said...

Oh man, I can totally relate with that during my pregnancies. So, glad you're not too uncomfortable yet and can enjoy your trip so much more.
And I love that you label everything. I like to organize too.

Poetikon said...

Hi, what beautiful Children!
I wish you and your family a lucky life in future.
I send many many greetings to you.
Horst~ from Northern Germany

The Most Awesome Mom said...

Hi there! Dropping in from:

The Most Awesome Mom

Love your blog!

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