Friday, February 11, 2011

To Branson we will go...

Although Branson may be a little cheesy to some, I get it, it is still such a fun place to go with our family. It really helps we have some family there now too. We had never been during the holidays so we decided in November to head down there. IT was really fun. We saw a live Christmas production that was very good. We saw Dixie, the Christmas show, and ate some good food and enjoyed our hotel. The hotel is the kids favorite part. In fact, every single day, every SINGLE day, multiple times a day they play "hotel". They play hotel all day every day to be exact. They just love the real thing so much, why not bring it home I suppose! A big shout out of thanks to Gloria for hooking us up while in Branson with a great hotel, yummy food and discount tickets! We had a blast!

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