Thursday, February 10, 2011


I always have random folders in my photos on my computer that do not really
go with anything else, but that are still so here they are!
Paxton and Maddox's last day in nursery together at church. I have had at least two and for a whole year I had three kids in nursery and it is so weird now to only have one! I thought Paxton would be sad, but he was just fine. When I would came in to drop something off he was saying the prayer and opened his one eye and shooed my off! He said, "I am a big boy by myself!" Like leave me along mom! Pretty adorable.
I love this boy!
Getting ready for his first day of preschool.

Cortland sitting with his pink night night because the two blues ones and green were in the laundry! He doesn't seem to care a bit!
Jadeyn has her go to pose when the camera comes out! It is so cute and I cannot even count how many pictures I have like this!
Getting a little creative.
This girl is honestly creating something all day long. Coloring and or doing some sort of art or craft. She will sit there and write letters for hours and hours.
Ready for school with a waffle in her hand!

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The Trees said...

How fun to check your blog. You are such an amazing mom. And all of your kids are beautiful and so so sweet! Sunday morning pictures...Brilliant and how do you do it? I am lucky to get there on time with kids looking half-way decent. Was this 9:00 Sunday???