Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours

We are so grateful this Christmastime. What a wonderful Christmas this is. We are having so much fun together as a family. I am just as eager as the kids to wake up tomorrow morning and see all the fun gifts under the tree and hear the oohs and the ahs, hear the thank yous and your welcomes, see the excitement on the face of a child who is just so darn excited. It will be fun.
I delievered 20 platters of cookies today. I baked over 900 cookies...what was I thinking? Andy said next year I am buying oreos and throwing them on a paper plate, bah-humbug, right? None the less it was a fun little project and the kiddos loved helping out.
We hope you all have a very wonderful merry Christmas.


Andrea said...

Those are some adorable kids!! Merry Christmas!

janet said...

The card was TOO cute! Love this picture! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!