Thursday, December 6, 2007


So after my very long and quite horrible day the other day I finished the afternoon walking to the front door to find this. She is such a scaredy cat, why she did this is beyond me. Notice her hair in her face and one foot dangling and arm hanging off. What the? And she was saying over and over, funny sigh scary... So what do I do, order
Bennett to get the camera fast!
Things started looking up though. I still have no wash machine, but they are looking into getting me a new one hopefully in about two weeks. They did not find my camera, but they did get me a new one. Andy came home right in time for dinner. And as far as the cable situation goes I am thinking the DISH is sounding better and better everyday. Good news, I will have pictures now of the house.


Paige said...

You are going to have to keep your eye on that one... And we have Dish and love it. Highly recommend it.

Alison said...

WHAT THE...!!!! YIKES! What are you going to do!????!!! Good luck with that one!