Sunday, December 30, 2007

turning 2

i am not sure where the last two years have gone. seriously someone tell me. i am puzzled. confused. amazed. is time supposed to go this fast. i would like to slow things down a bit, please. my babies turned two and we partied it up in good fashion. they sure received a lot of fun things. too many fun things we think. especially so close to Christmas. they got a grow with me kitchen, and bunch of fun little people castle and barn, clothes, shopping carts, horsies, movies, books and the list goes on. andy and i have always gotten our children one gift for their birthday. every year i think maybe we should step it up and then every year i am grateful we didn't because our families just seem to go all out. it was a fun celebration and jadeyn and cortland had a great time.

these shoes were a huge hit

cortland really tore into his presents and would give the perfect reaction like everything he opend was the best gift he had ever been given

jj was very paticular they way she opened her gifts

the cakes. i really actually enjoyed making them this year. they were not exactly what i was planning on, but plan b ended up being pretty cute. certainly not aunt saraih worthy, but ok for me.

party guests

grandma and grandpa b

grandma and grandpa w

grandma and grandpa g

aunt nan

victoria and cody

kyle and sarah

mom and dad, and brothers

grandma and grandpa e

michelle, marc and nani

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