Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Prep

I love this time of year, just as many of you probably do. I love it. I don't mind all the hustle and bustle. Probably because I really refuse to get into all that. This is actually the first year I have bought any presents for my children. Our families have been more than gracious in years past. This year we will be in our own home on Christmas morning so I have been having fun buying special things for my little special ones. It has been fun. We get gifts for many people at Christmas. My parent's and brother and sister in law. Two sets of grandparents and aunts and uncles, cousins and Andy's parents and our designated family for the gift exchange on his side. Neighbor gifts, teacher gifts, a possible treat for our mail carrier or bus driver. Maybe even a special little something for our dog, the verdict is still out on that one. It is fun. I love it. Finding the perfect gift for such great people is a treat for me. Our trees are up the lights have been hung, presents wrapped and cards addressed. We are ready to go. I have never felt stressed out during the holidays and I am grateful for that. And I have even planned ward Christmas parties 3 or 4 times. But you know whenever I would feel stressed I like to think of what the true meaning of Christmas is. I am not talking about the traditional answer of the birth of our savior, but more so feeling the Christmas spirit and dwelling on something or someone who really touches my heart. It is when I see these four that I remember why the Christmastime is SO special to me. My family is what it is all about to me. I have been given the greatest gifts already, need I ask more?

PS Janet thanks for your Christmas Music. We listen all day.


carrie said...

this post is perfect. So Terica. You were/are always so easy going and not stressed. I don't know how you do it. And you are so creative and cute with gifts/cards/decorations. Such an inspiration! Lucky kids.

Christy said...

Terica, if you are ever in California I need you to take pictures of my kids. Your pictures are always amazing!

janet said...

SO true, Terica! Who needs gifts with beautiful kids to look at everyday? I feel the exact same as you. You are the best mommy because you can handle all four and appreciate your time with them, especially when they are little. You've always been able to whip anything together or pull off a huge party without any effort! You go girl!

oh, and so glad you listen to the music!