Thursday, December 6, 2007

St. Nick

Growing up we always celebrated St. Nick day. I loved it. I am pretty sure it is a Catholic tradition, but I say hey if it gets you gifts let's incorporate it. Bennett loves it. Every year since he was born the night of the fifth St. Nick comes. You put your stocking on your bedroom door and he comes and puts all kinds of treats and small gifts inside. The kids loved it this year. I love that Bennett still believes in all this. Today he told me his friends brother doesn't believe. I said you know if you don't believe you don't receive right? He said I will never ever stop believing in Santa. Who wouldn't want to believe in someone who is so good? Exactly Bennett you are so right.

I couldn't really get any good shots of the whole event because they were all way to excited and busy eating the treats to settle down for any pictures. It was fun though. I love these traditions.

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Paige said...

What a fun tradition!! Any excuse to get more presents, right? ;)