Sunday, December 30, 2007

party time

so the big party that i have talked about before for andys work was a blast. S to the uper fancy. it was a great weekend. i ended up leaving the kiddos. i was super worried about it. and now after a great weekend away i realize that is something i need to do quite often. or at least every six months or so. it was great. my plan was to sleep most of the weekend. that didn't happen. my internal clock was up at 6:00 and did NOT want to snooze at all. i went shopping all by myself, ate breakfast by myself, ate lunch by myself and had one of the best sandwiches of my life, enjoyed my time at the hilton and all their decorations, got ready by myself, took a shower uninterrupted,watched tv by myself, enjoyed a book, enjoyed andy, and just had an all around great time. i did miss my little apprentices, but i was better for it.

the party was just what you see in the movies. the house that is was at was incredible. unbelievable. beautiful. the food was divine, the company was spectacular and my dress, shoes, jewels and hair ended up coming through for me. i regret that we did not get more pictures of us. but they did have a professionally photographer there and we had our picture taken so i will sure to share that one when we get it.
{their house? can you consider this a house?}

i had such a wonderful time. i loved being with andy and just remember how it
all started. just him and i. and how grateful we are for each other and how much we love our children. it was for sure a night that will never be forgoten.

{the picture above with the home plate was one of the world series home plates...there was only of course we had to get a picture of it}

{a cool car according to andy}

{a cool girls room according to terica}

{beautiful decor at the hilton}


Paige said...

Geez. For REAL?? Do you ever NEED a house that big? No matter how much money you make. Holy crap. Their Christmas decorations cost more than my house and cars combined. Now I officially know that dentists are paid too much. ;)

terica said...

well actually he is not really a dentist. he is a genius of a business man. he created all this over 250 offices. dentists regular dentists, don't have it that good. plus they have 200+ grand plus student loans...but yes, this house is way. too. big.