Thursday, December 6, 2007


I was looking in my November file and found some random cute pictures I wanted to point out.

Maddox looks cute with a clip right? Just don't show Andy. He needs a cut I know. This picture doesn't really look like him, but the clip is so cute.She is so funny. I love this girl.Picture it, two mothers, eight children. We both have a set of twins. The picture is missing my oldest and her youngest. Eight kids under six. Sounds fun, right? My moms best friend who we happened to live by the entire time I was growing up had three girls. Carrie the mother to these sweeties was the youngest and we have always been good friends too. She is an amazing mom. Her kids are so lucky to have her as their mom. My parents and my kids and I went to see her and had such a great time catching up. Her oldest is four. She has four kids. Amazing. Carrie, you are amazing!Can we say Merry Christmas to me? Love it! I love this girl. She is so fun to have around. We are so lucky. She is a great Aunt.

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Paige said...

Just cut that poor boy's hair before you start putting pony tails in it...