Thursday, December 6, 2007


My SIL and I decided we wanted to stock her freezer full for January when she has baby girl #2 and I wanted to stock up my deep freeze for the winter so we spent the whole day making meals. Yes our children were slightly neglected pretty much the whole day, but it is all done. And the kids had a fun time getting the run of the house. So after eight hours of cooking with a few breaks along the way we successfull have made 22 meals. We are gearing up for our baking day on the 17th.

The best part...Andy offered to do the clean up!

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Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Wow - I have heard of doing that - I just never knew anyone who did it. You will have to say if you liked it in retrospect. That is one busy day. Wow - Andy - that was very heroic to VOLUNTEER to do the dishes!