Friday, December 14, 2007

Two Years Ago Today...

my babies were born. After waiting a very long time, I met my little Jadeyn Caroline and Cortland Kimball on this day. Three years and 9 months to be exact. It was a long and hard road at times, but I tell ya I would do it all over again to be given these two. I knew the whole time it was all about timing and I think that was what made it all ok during these years, and I like to think that I was given two very special babies to make up for it.

These past two years have been quite the whirlwind. They certainly keep us entertained. I could not ask for anything more.

When I think back to this day two years ago the joy I felt can not be explained. Funny enough my smallest babies born the earliest were the ones I got to see and hold right away, they never left my sight. When I heard little Jadeyn cry when she had first came out I remember thinking that was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. And then little Cortland followed and I felt the same. Andy walked the two over to me one in each arm and I honestly felt as if my heart was going to pop out of my chest, because I was filled with such great joy. They were perfect. They were what I had been waiting for. Perfection from head to toe.

Now two years later I could not agree more. I have been able to see them grow and learn and share a bond with each other that is unexplainable. I am so grateful for that. They are both sweet and loving, funny and cute.

Thank you little J and little C for making this mommy feel like the luckiest mommy on earth, honestly.

Jadeyn at birth / Now
5 pounds / 25.5 pounds
golden brown hair / light blond hair
dark eyes / sky blue eyes
tiny and frail and precious / not so tiny or frail, still precious
as could be

Cortland at birth / Now
7 pounds / 25.5 pounds
dark brown hair / dark blond hair
dark eyes / crystal clear blue eyes
adorable / ADORABLE

*I am not quite sure on their height, but Cortland is about 2 inches taller. I did not think they could weigh the exact same, he is such a string bean, but I guess this makes up for it.

*When I am back in town I will be sure to add pictures to this post!


Karyn said...

Happy Birthday kiddos! I can't believe they are two already. They are the sweetest little things ever.

Christy said...

It goes too fast, doesn't it? Please post more of your adorable pictures when you can.