Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Andy turns 32!

The birthday boy!

For Andy's birthday this year we had such a great time. We celebrated with the whole E side a week before. We have SIX E birthdays withing 2 weeks of each other so we just did one big happy birthday party! We celebrated his birthday with most of my side the same time we did Paxton's first birthday. Then on his actual birthday my grandparents came over. We had a great time.
The morning of his birthday the kids and I went over to the Lou to pick up some great cupcakes at a fun little cupcake place over there. Then we went to Target to let the little kids pick out something to take to daddy. We got everything in the car in the Target parking lot and my car would not start. I had four little ones buckled in and ready to go and nothing. Finally a sweet man jumped us after waiting for almost 45 minutes. I could not believe no one else offered to help. We got jumped and picked up lunch to take into the office for his birthday. It was so fun. We got home and I put the kids to bed and got started on his birthday dinner. Pioneer woman lasagna. So good.
We also celebrated Pax's bday with my grandparents too!
J sure loves her great grandpa!

That weekend I surprised Andy at his office and took him out that night. Michelle, my angel sent from Heaven, offered to watch the kids and let us have the whole night. We had reservations at the Melting Pot, then to go to the Temple and then to a hotel I had a free night at and then massages in the morning. Well the Temple was closed so there went that and after the Melting Pot we decided we were too tired to go to a movie and nothing we really wanted to see was playing so we just came home. The next morning we did do our massages though. That was fun.

It was a fun birthday week for him I hope. I sure love that man. I am so grateful to be the lucky one!!!

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