Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One great big huge Halloween post!

We had a busy day on Halloween, but sure had fun that night. The kids were so excited and could not believe that the day had finally come to actually go trick or treating! It was so fun. That night while going to bed I just kept telling Andy how much fun I am having being their mom and how fun it was that night. Just watching Jadeyn every time she would get candy she would look at Andy and I and say "they gave me candy that is so nice" like she hadn't just done it 20 times before. It was so cute. Maddox was so cute walking around with those Buzz wings. He would hit everyone and everything in his way without even knowing it. They way he walked around that night was like he owned the town. Everyone would say hi Buzz and he would just say "hey" like it was normal to be called Buzz. He owned it that is for sure. Cortland was the cutest Woody. I loved watching him walk around in those boots and tell me everything he got every time. He would also give me a piece about every five minutes. So cute. Bennett had a great time. His costume turned out pretty cute. In the pics his makeup does not look like the same color but it really was the same color as the tarp I made his costume out of. Poor kid, I figured out how I wanted to do "sarge" from toy story and kept sending Andy up to try it on the poor kid because I was kind of just sewing what I thought would work. It turned out pretty good. I did not paint his hands yet for the pic, but all in all it was pretty good. He was a good Sarge. Love that boy! Jadeyn was so excited about being Jesse. She loved it. She was a darling Jesse! Paxton was the little alien form Toy Story. When we saw a hat in Disney World we knew we should go with that theme. Funny enough we didn't use that hat. I found this alien costume at The Children's Place for 2 dollars so we went with that. What a cute alien he was. Andy was Andy and I was the mom. I just love themed Halloweens. I better enjoy it while it lasts before I have no say in it anymore. I have to say though the kids were SO excited about being The Toy Story Crew. Love it!

Bennett's Party
I am so sad I did not take my camera to his party. It was so fun. I will at least list the things we did! We made a witches stew with all kinds of things, like banana chips, m &m's raisins, cereal, cheetos, pretzels, sunflower seeds, and so on. There were tons of things and they all represented something from a witch. It was fun and the kids got a kick out of it. We also made Witches Brew
with rootbeer and dry ice. Then we did a few rounds of bingo which is always a hit. After that they all got three Halloween pages. A find the difference page, a Halloween maze and a word search. While some were doing that we played the ooey gooey game. I took four pumpkins and put 21 prizes at the bottom of each pumpkin. They were small little prizes. Then with the one I put cooked spaghetti noodles for witches brains, then peeled grapes for monster eyeballs, carrots for witches fingers, and then corn kernels for witches teeth. They all loved it and it was so cute. We had cupcakes and cake pops and the witches brew and stew. I had so many moms want to send something in it was so nice. They ended up going home with four goodie bags too. Such a fun time. I love it. I am in my element when I am in those classrooms. Plus I love to plan parties and make the food, so this is right up my alley. Plus it is kids. Easy to impress! I am seriously thinking about recreating some of it just to get some photos! The only photo I do have is this one I took before we left out the door for the party. I made these little treats for all the moms who helped me.



Halloween decorationsI wish I would have gotten pictures of our outside. We put up a few things. So fun. Our neighborhood goes ALL OUT for Halloween. Every house is decorated, there are haunted houses, and all kinds of things for Halloween. It is for sure the neighborhood to be at!

A really cute decoration I think!

Something I made our first Halloween when we got married. Martha Stewart tip. Still using it!

Our Pumpkins

Bennett did the first one all by himself.

Pumpkin Picking
We went pumpkin picking on Saturday and it was fun. Unfortunately the pumpkin farm was under two inches of water, but they still took us for a wagon ride and then back to the store to find some pumpkins. It was fun and the kids loved it.

Trunk or Treating


Shane, Megan, CJ and R-Baby said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love how their costumes went together. You are the cutest momma and your kids are darling!

gloria said...

this is so cute.

Kristin said...

So darling! Happy Halloween!