Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting ready!

We are all getting excited about Thanksgiving coming up. REally excited! This week has been kind of crazy already and it is only Tuesday. Yesterday we spent the whole day and I mean the WHOLE day at the hospital with my dad while he was having some heart related work done. We are very happy to report that everything looked great. Very good news. We got home around 8:30 and I had to make some turkey cookies for Bennetts class and a pumpkin pie for Andys work party today. I also decided to thow in three loaves of pumpkin bread too! I am not sure what I was thinkign there, but it was kind of fun and I had it all done by 10 so not too bad.

I am getting excited about all the cooking and baking I will be doing over the next two days. Michelle is coming tomorrow so we can cook and bake all day to get ready for Thursday. Shoudl be fun! I am not looking forward to the dirty kitchen and things getting crazy, but that is ok, it is all a part of it right? Then this weekend our dear friend Ben and Jamie are coming to visit! We could not be more excited about that. We love them so much!

Making our napkin rings for the big day!

{apparently only two people were on board for this photo!}

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Amber said...

Cute cookies! Yummmm, it all looks so good.