Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Beautiful Fall Day

Cami and J. We like to take her with us to do all these fun things. First, she is fun to have around and it doesn't help that the kids love her and she is a big help!
These boys just make me giddy!

Best Buds!

This is only a small fraction of how many seagulls we had around us!

Love this boy!

I am not sure how I got lucky enough to get this two for one deal!

This boy loves his daddy!

This was like a sandbox only filled with corn kernels. Cool.

One day Andy and Bennett were off on a Friday and we decided to take advantage of a beautiful fall day and head up the river road. Boy is it beautiful in the fall. The trees and all the colors were just amazing! We left in the morning and headed up. We had a picnic lunch on the way up there. We stopped at the river and fed what we thought were going to be the ducks, but the second we got out of the car they all left! Luckily for us the seagulls were ever present. There were hundreds of them. It was a little crazy. The kids loved everything about it for sure. They had such a great time. After that we headed up to this beautiful state park that has a beautiful lodge that one of Andy's patients runs. It was gorgeous. They have SO many things to do up there. They have a huge lodge with tons of activities and the kids just loved it all. Then we did the scenic drive up to the top. Just gorgeous! After all that, we headed to QT for the most delicious hot chocolate I have ever had! Then on to a park for a spooky night treat. We did a hay ride, and two corn mazes. They had so much fun. It was just a perfect day with our little family. There are not days better than that I have to admit. Last night while talking to Andy about some deep doctrinal type stuff, I said, "But, I feel like this is Heaven already. I don't want anything to change!" I am serious. How could it get any better than this?

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Nicole Kesten said...

either i have missed reading your blog for a while or you just did like 6 posts in one day! either way, happy to see you are doing well.. happy bday andy!