Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Every year we always go out to the farm and pick apples. We actually normally do peaches in their season, apples in the fall and pumpkins shortly after. The kids always love doing this. I love reaping everything they pick. This year with our apples we canned apple pie filling, and some applesauce. So yummy. The kids enjoyed just eating apples while they were picking and climbing in the trees to get them. This year we had my moms friend Laura join us and Michelle and the girls. We had a great time!
It is a tradition we always pick apples with Grandma.
It doesn't look like she likes Maddox at all, right?
The boys eating away. This was the first time we let Paxton go at it all by himself!

Proudly showing daddy what he is doing!

Umm, yeah. Don't think it gets much cuter!

Climbing in the trees!

Jadeyn is our child with no fear.

Again, cutest ever!

Cousins and best friends!

They didn't have the wagons going out that night, but they did have the little buses.
The kids liked it just the same I am pretty sure!

Yep, again. I think she likes her grandchildren.

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