Sunday, November 15, 2009

First REAL haircut


I trimmed Paxton's hair a few times since around 6 weeks old, but we have never really had a REAL haircut. We went to this fun place just down the street from our house that is just really fun for the kids to get their haircut. I normally cut the kids hair, so for their first cut I try to make it fun so we went to Kiddos Kuts for Paxton's first time.

My kids are so funny when they get their haircut. A lot of kids scream and cry and throw fits when they are getting their hair cut, my kids are the exact opposite. They literally almost, Maddox actually has, fall asleep in the chair. They get drowsy and just close their eyes and pretty much fall asleep. It is so cute. The ladies always talk about how they would prefer them to fall asleep over screaming, but I think it is still funny.

{getting a little drowsy}
Paxton wanted to stand up in the fun car at first and did really well like his brothers and sister. He as well started to get a little "heavy" as if he was going to fall asleep. It is so funny. He did such a great job. I didn't want it to be a short cut, because in all honesty, I need him to stay a baby a lot longer than he is, so we went with a little baby cut, but now he does not need a clip to keep it out of his darling little face.
{getting a little long, ya think?}

Enjoy the pics!

What a big boy!

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