Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Family

A big part of what I am most thankful for today...

My Family.

Can I just tell you, that getting 7 people to all smile in a photograph is a little tricky? Not sure if you all knew that. But it is. We headed out Halloween afternoon amongst a busy weekend already to about an hour west of us for a little photo shoot. First things first, Ben and Becca are SO awesome and did an amazing job capturing our little ones personalities. When I checked their site I saw our Christmas card photo and seriously had tears in my eyes. There is just something about it that screams my family. They captured in that picture, what I have always wanted in a family. I did not think I could have captured that in a hard copy only in my mind. I will not include that photo, you will get to see it in a couple of weeks for your self. Anyway, it was a fun day and all in all we did pretty darn good I have to say. We got some amazing AMAZING shots! Enjoy!
The Boys
The girls

Miss Jadeyn. Oh how I love her. Seriously, I hit the jackpot with her. I may only have one girl, but if it means she is the one and only, I'll take it! She is so fun and so helpful. In fact the babysitter last week even mentioned how she did not know why she was there because Jadeyn could run the show herself. Truly she could. She told me today, I want a new baby so I can give her food, and change her diaper with wet wipes, and comb her hair, and give her a bath and give her naps and do a bedtime routine. She kept going, but I will stop here, but she seriously is such a little nurturer. She is also my child that if she has nothing to do she gets bored and by bored I mean she will paint on the walls or find makeup to put on herself, or...well you get my point. She is also a cleaner which is helpful when she gets into the aforementioned items. We love her and are thrilled to have her in our family. I love these shots of her. Such a beautiful little lady!

This picture is SO my little Cortland. Just cute and fun. He is so funny and get SO very excited about life. Funny lines on a movie, or something Paxton did or whatever. He just enjoys the little things in life. He is SO laid, back to almost the point of passed out. I could or can take him anywhere with out any problems. He is so good and such a pleasure to be around. Unlike his twin sister, he never gets into things and is always obedient. He has a little lisp when he says S words and I am not gonna like I love it! He loves sports and is super coordinated. I feel so lucky to have him as one of my sons. Each of them are such a blessing and have such different things to offer to this world. I love Cortland with all I got!

Oh this little tennie tiny is so adorable. I love his little tiny self. He is so cute and those eyes just sparkle. He is by far my most out going child. He is quiet and pretty reserved at time, my others are painfully shy, but he will actually talk to people in public. Which none of the others have done before. He has some energy when he wants to. He is a pretty mellow two year old. He hasn't hit the terrible twos yet and with only 3 months to go, maybe he won't. Here's to hoping he won't hit the terrible threes! Maddox love Paxton. He loves to hug him and hang on him. There is something about this boy, something that people notice. I cannot put into words what it is, but I like it!

Paxton Paxton is so fun. I am noticing every day more and more that he is developing into a fun little toddler, he is not a baby anymore. In some ways it makes me sad, his life seems to be going too fast, but in other ways, it is so much fun. He just walks around the house all day. He just walks and walks. He will sometimes sit to play with a toy, but for the most part he is just walking around. He loves walking and being mobile. He is starting to say some more words too other than mama and dada. He says, go and one, two and his most favorite word is Sugar, only is kind of sounds like Dugar. It is SO cute. The dog, Sugar, is his best friend apparently. Paxton is gentle and sweet and I just love to squeeze him and kiss him. He loves it back too!

Oh Bennett, Bennett. I love this boy. There is not really more to say than that, right? He is just so great. I love him so much and am so happy he is my son and my oldest. He is a great helper and just loves helping and being their big brother. His teacher says all the time that he will pick things out of the treasure box for his brothers and sister or save special coloring pages for them. What a sweetie he is. I am so lucky to have him.

This picture was a very candid shot and I have to say it is one of my favorites if not my favorite. I just love what this says. I love that I am helping Paxton and Andy is right by me and the four other children are together. It is just so cute and says so much to me. It brings tears to my eyes, really. Love it!

I have to say a special thank you to Ben and Becca. These photos mean more to me than I am sure they could ever know. And to think this are just a few of the 145 awesome shots they got. We love Ben and Becca for many reasons, but today especially for creating these shots that will forever be close to our hearts!


Amber said...

Great photos. I love them. You have a beautiful family.

Beck n' Ben said...

:) thanks for the wonderful kudos & compliments. what you wrote about each kid is perhaps more beautiful than any shot we could ever take!

Lisa said...

Love, love , love them. I wish so badly I could just come and visit and squeeze all of you.