Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Circus!

So Andy's office bought some circus tickets because the circus came to town in the office where he works. I forgot how much I do not like the circus. I don't like the wet dirty cold atmosphere. I do not like the animals being all bound up and stuff and the people are just interesting. The kids loved it though even though it was so cold. We were able to take some friends with us too. Marc and Michelle and their girls came, Cami and Bennett's friend Karly. We love her so much. She is such an amazing little girl. Really, amazing. So sweet and good. Her mom and I always talk about how much we hope they can remain friends forever and then some day maybe a little more than friends? That would be awesome. Afterwards we came home and made caramel apples and hot chocolate. It was needed!

There are soooo many things I love about this picture. First Andy with his bed room eyes as my grandma refers to them. Always his eyes are closed or just about closed. Then not to mention me, looking a little less than desirable especially with those lovely temporaries that look oh so beautiful/yellow!

Maddox sitting in between Andy and I with a hand on each of our legs. Melt my heart.

Bennett's friend Karly. Oh how I love her.

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