Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One teeny chocolate chip cookie...

...can do A LOT of damage! When I make cookies, which is about every week around here, I make little ones and then teeny tiny ones for the babe. I am talking like the size of a quarter. I gave him one, turned my back and this is what I came back to seconds later. How can something that small make such a mess. I guess I need to make them dime sized and hold the chocolate chips next time! Seriously so cute though.
AND speaking of cute. Here is our little baby in Jadeyn's new rain boots. He was so proud of himself. So cute. He didn't make it very far in them, but still cute to watch.

And speaking of boots, these boots are the best. We have five pair of them. They are super easy to put on, they are cute, they keep your toes dry and warm and they are fun to wear.

Love them!

And him!

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