Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yes, they are all mine

I am sure you guys are bored to tears hearing stories about what kind of comments people make to us about "ALL" of our kids. I literally have people count my children when I am walking into somewhere. Like today walking out of the gym a lady counted with her finger and then said, as if I have never heard it before, "Are they all yours?" I have got to come up with something funny to say back, but I always just nod and say yes, they are. I mean come on people we are not the Duggars here! Andy always talks about getting me a shirt that reads, yes they are all ours and no we are not done! That would answer two of their questions without even having to ask them, right? I am pretty sure they would come up with more questions to ask then.
Truth is, there is nothing I would change about my little family including the spacing in between each child. Yes we would have loved to have had one in between the 4 years of Bennett and the twins and wish we did, but we didn't and I know now it was ALL about the timing. More than perfect little Bennett in Dental school would have been Rough with a capital R! I am just thankful they are mine and they are all mine and love that we have each one of these little ones with their very own special spirit that they bring to our family.
Andy came home from work the other day and said you know what I realized today? I said what? He said when we had Paxton our fifth child, my second to oldest was only TWO! I replied with, where have you been hon? We have talked about this before I am sure of it. I guess it just hit him though. To be honest, when we are at home doing our thing, like preschool, music time, art time, story time, and running around playing and even when we go to the gym everyday it doesn't seem like our little family is odd at all. It seems very normal to me. Even when people point out that we sure "HAVE our hands full", {I am not kidding four people said that to me TODAY just walking out of the gym} I still think, what are they talking about!
I do have to say though which is weird, when I see a family with several little ones I think how do they do that, I mean to me our family is my normal, but to them it has got to be crazy which yes I know does not make sense, but that is what I think. Like a lady at the gym has twins who just turned three and a baby who is 10 months and I always look at her walking in and think how does she do it! Then at the Little Gym the other day Mr. John was talking about the expense of diapers and one time he knew a family that had three kids in diapers, GASP, and he could not believe it. And a lady chimed in about how she had two in diapers and it was crazy. I tried to leave the conversation because I don't want it to seem like I am trying to one up anyone, but as I was walking away he says, well you probably had two in diapers right? I said yep we sure did. Actually we had four in diapers. The whole room went silent and it was if they were going to start a fund raiser up for me right then and there. He wondered how because he said he thought there was more space in between there and I said well when Paxton was born the twins were two and Maddox was one. When I was saying this yes it did seem a little crazy, yet somehow in my mind, again, it seems normal. Good thing, right?
Anyway, I truly love being the mom to these little ones and what an extra blessing it is to have Bennett, my little friend, confidant and helper. Each child we have had has just added more blessings to our family than can even be imagined. So yes, to all those that ask are they all mine, YES they are all mine and each one of them brings me more smiles, more laughter and more love than I ever thought was possible!

Jadeyn age 3, Cortland age 3, Paxton age 1, Maddox age 2


Jackie said...

I've tried to think of a clever comeback for you to use but I've got nothin. It is funny the difference in mentalities though - growing up in a heavily populated mormon community a family of your size does not phase me much. In fact, just the other day I saw an aquaintance with 4 kids all very close in age and I just assumed they were hers when in fact only 2 were.
Too bad those who make those kind of comments don't know your kids a little better because then they would realize why you have so many. They are TOO CUTE and loads of fun!
Fabulous costumes by the way! Love Toy Story!

Anonymous said...

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