Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Last week I had the opportunity to visit Bennett's school for parent/teacher conferences. I was looking forward to talking with his teacher and getting a better feel for his new school. I am really liking his new school. Yes his last school was brand new and so nice and lots of fun activities and so on, but this school is smaller, a lot smaller instead of 6 third grades there are only 2. When I returned a book to Bennett today the secretary knew I was Bennett' s mom and knew who Bennett was personally. I like that!

Anyway, it was good to talk with his teacher and get to know how he was doing in class. He is doing well in his classes and she said that he is a sweet kid. When I mentioned that he is always worried about pulling a card and reminds me to sign his notebook everyday so he does not have to pull one, she said, like he would ever have to pull a card! At the beginning of the school year she told the class that she has never had a year where a kid did not pull a card and Bennett came right home and told me that this year would be her first year, he was not going to have to pull a card. So cute.

Well anyway, after saying he was so sweet she followed it by saying "not only is he sweet, but he is most definitely the sweetest kid I have ever gotten to work with in my history of teaching." Then she said, "I am sure it is an honor to be his mother." You know what? It truly is. I am the lucky one. He is so great. Yes there are things that he needs to work on, but don't we all. I was so happy to be reminded of how wonderful he truly is.

I left there feeling very great about my children and the paths that they are all on. I feel fortunate for their little desires to be good kids and want to be good examples. I hope this will continue forever. I didn't say this to his teacher, but I must admit I am a little jealous she gets to spend most days with Bennett.