Sunday, November 11, 2007

7 Fun Facts

I was tagged some time ago from Janet and I have been thinking for a while what to write. Since I already did the 100 things I am pretty sure people do not want to read the same things I put in there so I thought I would change it up a bit and do 7 things I have loved about living in our house.

1. I love love love that I can go to my garage and throw something away in our big trash can. I do not have to walk to the nearest dumpster!

2. When our dog barks or a baby screams, I do not have to worry about anyone above us, below us or next to us on either side, swearing they will never have a dog or a child due to our noise.

3. I can paint the walls and hang as many things as I want up on the walls.

4. We have a basement. Enough said.

5. The babies have their own rooms and this makes nap time and sleep time nice that they are not entertaining eachother instead of sleeping.

6. We have a toy room. There are no toys in anyones room. In everyother place we have lived the family room and bedrooms are over stuffed with toys.

7. We have a garage where we can park our cars. We do not run the risk of them getting broken into or covered with 5 feet of snow. They sure stay cleaner too being in a garage.

I am pretty sure it is safe to say that this in only the beginning of a very very long list. I can't even count the ways I love being a homeowner. We love it. We love our home. I would love it even more if all my projects were done, but oh well, even still I am in love! AND I know I still need to post pictures of this place. I promise this week we will get some on here!


Karyn said...

Sounds like heaven.

janet said...

You can only appreciate all those things after your long years of not being a homeowner. Everything on that list sounds absolutely wonderful... but I have yet to experience. I am SO happy for you guys!