Sunday, November 25, 2007


Susan, Sandy, Me, Carrie, Shannon, Carrie in the middle, Melissa and Brook in the front.

I am SO lucky. Can I just say that? I was so blessed in high school to have the very best friends around. Serisouly. We were all so close and still to this day are. We try to get the whole gang together annually.It is tough because we are all kind of spread out a bit, but we did a pretty good job this time. We were missing a few and we were sad they were not there to laugh till we cried. Which we did most of the night. We had such a fun time.
Our group of girls have the type of relationships that we could go years without seeing eachother and once we were reunited it was like no time had passed. We had such a fun time and I stayed out way past my bedtime. But it was well worth it.
Thanks girls, for being the very best girlfriends ANYONE could ask for.


Stephanie said...

Ahhhh so cute! Makes me miss my girls...only 4 weeks until our annual get together! Dont you just love good old friends!

janet said...

I love that you stay close! And that's a big group... not easy to do. I LOVE my friends from high school and still know everything that's going on in their lives. Girl friends are a must have!!