Wednesday, November 7, 2007

pass it on

so one of the lovely benefits of working for yourself, i am being really sarcastic here, is finding your own health insurance. what i am looking at at the moment would cost our family about 900 DOLLARS a month. NOT including maternity. in fact i have not even found a company that will give maternity as an option. it is weird. cancer covered. terminal illness covered. having a baby, no such luck.

anyway i got to thinking that maybe someone out there in blog world has been able to find something better than i have and can give me a recommendation. like i found the greatest guy to work with for our homeowners and car insurance through liberty mutual who gives a byu discount. after all of my searching they were by far way cheaper. so if you want his number i would be happy to pass that on. in the meantime, please send me info of someone who is going to give my family and i some great health insurance!


Paige said...

Hmmm... first a Baby Story post, then a "maternity coverage" post. Girl, you've got it BAD. I can't help you though, sorry. And I'm glad Liberty Mutual worked for you. I still haven't found anyone who can beat those rates.

terica said...

No no no. It is just a coinsedence I promise. Madoox isn't even a year...I am not that crazy!

sara b said...

Hey Terica! It's me Sara (Benton) Henderson. How are you? I had no idea you had a blog. I found yours through Christy's. Glad to see life is treating you well. I am sure you are a great mommy.

ps. you have the cutest kids!

Chelsey said...

Hey, Terica, we've being going through one insurance fiasco after another since June trying to get coverage. It's a nightmare and so, so stressful. Good thing you don't need insurance in now we've got a month and half to figure something out before we have to go back to states. I want to have another baby, but that's not really something women like us do without insurance, right!

Unfortunately I have no advice to give, but you certainly have my sympathy!

P.S. I love Cortland's hair! And I love Carrie Underwood. I might have to get her new album now.