Friday, November 2, 2007


my fellow blogians...
please back up your photos.
my dear friend has lost all of her photos
of her darling little boy.
this has given me the kick in the you know what
to get my photos backed up.
i am still working on it.
i have a LOT of pictures.
like this one,

and this one,
but it will be way worth it.


janet said...

Those pictures are worth DYING for.. you must protect at all costs.

ps. I tagged you. Welcome to the blogging world........ check out my blog for more details

Paige said...

Oh, how sad. I need to be better at backing mine up, too. I have a 4GB flash drive, so it is easy to do, I just don't do it. :(

The Kesten Family said...

that is extremely depressing losing photos. your pics are tooo cute! i have used webshots as my internet back up so i will always have them as long as internet is around.. which i think it is here to stay unlike the slap bracelets or french cuff pants :) hope you are loving suburbia life! it looks like it