Thursday, November 29, 2007


there is something about twins. it is true what they say. that twins have something very special between them.
i notice things everyday that are just so sweet. like on my morning dance time
{them in their highchairs eating breakfast, me working out to music, which they love to watch, i am pretty sure it is hysterical}.
they ALWAYS at the same time look at eachother with the
sweetest little looks on their faces.
they are in love with eachother and i am sure in love with them.


Paige said...

Very very cute. And I see alot of Jaren in Cortlands face there. Definitely cousins. :)

janet said...

That is SO sweet. I would love to have little twins!

My sister has boy and girl twins.. they are now 9 and still SO close. Her boy gets made fun of at school cause he loves his sis so much and always sticks up for her.. and the girl loves it because all of her friends have a crush on her twin. It's amazing to see them so close as babies.... but even better to watch them grow together. Your are SO darling!

janet said...

I meant YOURS are so darling. I hate typos!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

TOOOOO cute!