Monday, November 19, 2007

I wanna...

go on a vacation. Not because I am bored here with this life, or want a break, I just think it sounds fun to go on a vacation. Throughout dental school we didn't do much "vacationing" other than going back and forth from here to there. And as fun as it was to see family, I think it would be fun to change it up a bit and go somewhere real fun.

My top destinations...
Washington DC
New York City
California, San Diego
Hawaii, 2009!
Texas, Houston
Pennsylvania. Hershey
Utah, anywhere
Oregon, b and p's house
New Mexico, b and m's house
Mexico, ?
London, Herpenden
Florida, Orlando, Miami

Really the list could go on and on. We are going to Hawaii the summer of 2009 which will be fun and we plan on taking a vaca this next summer, but we are not sure where. I think at some point we really want to go on a Disney cruise and Disney world and will probably do their land/water vacation package. I am not sure when this will occur, but sounds like major fun.

For now I will just anticipate the fun of these destinations and keep on enjoying my fun here in *O town.


janet said...

are you taking your kids to Hawaii? Vacation with kids is so exhausting and so much fun-- especially when it's a place like Disney! I have heard from everyone that the cruises are the best..

There is something about vacationing that takes almost top priority with my husband and I. Seriously, all our extra money goes to that.. hopefully someday we will be able to buy a house (or new furniture) and go on vacation.

I would LOVE to go to NYC or DC. You are relatively close enough to drive, no?

Mindy said...

We might be heading to D-world in FL for Christmas. Wanna come?

terica said...

ah, heck yes we do.