Monday, November 19, 2007

getting excited

tonight for family night was had a lesson on being thankful and then made little turkeys. bennett loves crafts, the twins not so much yet. they rather just color. they turned out cute and we all had a good time. i am getting really excited about thanksgiving. i love this time of year and this holiday in particular. i am pretty sure i like this holiday above the rest.

this year we will celebrate thanksgiving wednesday with one side of our family and thursday with the other. we plan to go to a soup kitchen thursday morning. we are excited about that.

since we have a dining room table now we will eat in their and on my china that we have never used. we are also very excited about that. andy's family will be here all day wednesday and we plan to bake and cook away in my big kitchen, which will be quite a change from thanksgivings pasts'.

i love it. i am so excited. and a bigger plus, andy works tomorrow and that is it for the week!

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