Sunday, November 25, 2007


We are so thankful this time of year. We had such a wonderful week spent with wonderful people.

Andy and Bennett had most of the week off. This was the best part of the whole holiday for sure. We were able to get the lights outside put up as well as most of the inside done for Christmas. It is so fun to have a whole house to decorate.

Wednesday we had Andy's family over for Thanksgiving. That was SO fun. I got to put the dining room table and china to good use. Love it. Great food! Thursday we played games during the day and headed out to my parents house for Thanksgiving.

We had 25 people there and it was so fun. After a wonderful dinner we all looked through the sale ads to plan an attack for shopping the next day. Friday morning I woke up at about 4 am and then quickly fell back to sleep. When I lived at home my mom and I would always hit the stores bright and early Friday morning. I really haven't done it since, but wanted to this year. I thought it would be fun to go shopping by myself and know all my kiddos and hubby would be sound asleep in their warm beds. So at 5 I got up and hit the stores running. I went to Circuit City to find out the laptop we were eyeing was all sold out. Then I headed to Old Time Pottery and got a few Christmas decorations and then to Walmart. Walmart is NOT my favorite store that is for sure. I find it a little stressing shopping there. The problem is I can get my grocery shopping done and anything else I may need all at the same place, so unfortunately I end up there a lot. Well I headed into Walmart with a list of things I needed. I found them all but one. Not too bad. Then I hit linens and things, homedepot, and garden ridge. All in all it was great. It was fun and I even met my mom for breakfast. Then we met Andy and the kids downtown for the Santa Claus parade. It was fun, but a little too chilly for my liking.

We had a really fun week. We spent most of our weekend decorating the house for Christmas and I hope to be able to start painting again the upstairs. We shall see. Andy had his first dental emergency Saturday too. A lady called because her bridge in the front exploded? so he had to go in during all of this and fix her bridge. I guess it is not too bad. Five months and this had been our first emergency. Last night Jadeyn wasn't feeling to well and had a horrible fever. She was too hot to touch. The baby boys all have colds too. Bennett and I were the only ones to go to church today, Andy had the privilege to watch the sick babies.

We have so much to be grateful for this year. I am grateful for my family. I have always wanted this. I feel like I have been so blessed. I love my husband. I am grateful for him. My children are everything to me. I am grateful to have a home to live in and a safe haven from all around us. I am grateful to all have our health. I am grateful for friends whom I cherish.

I sure hope you all had a wonderful holiday and had time to reflect on your blessing as well.

PS Congrats Joy and Aaron. They are beautiful and I LO-OVE the names!


janet said...

sounds like a busy week! I am sure it's so wonderful being so close to your families. And I LOVE the early morning shopping--even the Walmart madness. I am not able to sleep in the day after Thanksgiving... I am too excited and must shop!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

I LOVE what I saw of your house. I love the paint color in your dining room - love the ottomans. I am decorating vicariously through you. I am sad I have nothing LEFT to decorate (not hard in 952 sq ft!)

Also your cute family is SO christmas card cute!!