Tuesday, November 20, 2007

our menu



fruit Salad

homemade crescent rolls

corn casserole

green bean casserole

yummy yams

mashed potato's and gravy

cranberry juice

pumpkin, pecan, apple and chocolate silk pies

what is on your thanksgiving menu? i was just thinking if everyone pretty much has the same things, or how do they change it up a bit? anything odd or peculiar on your dinner table for the holiday? or same ole same ole. you can tell we fall under the same ole same ole.

*is it weird to anyone else to see that live turkey and know that is what we will be eating?


Andrea said...

Even before I read your post, when I had only seen the picture, I said to my husband, "When I see a picture like that it makes me sick that I'll be eating it tomorrow."

We do the same as you guys.

Alison said...

Loved this post Terica...I pretty much copied it! =) Thanks for the idea! Miss you!