Friday, November 30, 2007


just got back from a photo shoot of the kiddos. it didn't go so well. sigh... another day another time perhaps, because it was not going to happen today that is for sure. here is to trying at least.

ps. my camera was in the shop and i hadn't gotten it back yet so i called and they shipped it to chicago and proceeded to tell me they guess it is on the door step of 1 547 west jackson! lovely. hence the trip to the photographers. oh well. i do have A LOT to be grateful for.


Paige said...

*Gasp* Your camera is sitting on a doorstep, out in the open, in CHICAGO?? Ugh. I'm so very sorry. And I'm sorry about the photoshoot. But your kids are so cute, how ba can the pictures be?

The Kesten Family said...

i can only imagine with 4 kiddos..i have been defeated plenty of times with just one.. good luck! and p.s. hope you get your camera gets to you eventually.