Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cheerios and Gold Fish

Ok I am not sure how it always happens, but every single day cheerios or gold fish or something of that nature ends up getting poured out onto our kitchen floor and the kids love the sound and feeling of them crunching under the feet. In the time it takes me to get the broom they are already doing a rain dance on top of them. By far the worse was yesterday morning. We were all having a casual relaxed Saturday morning and somehow the BIG box of bought at Sam's Cheerios box was left on the table. It took Jadeyn all of two seconds to get it down from the table on poured onto the floor. Maddox was in Heaven, me not so much. I let them eat and play in them. I am sure that is not the ideal reaction, but hey, you are only a kid once. So after I felt it was officially disgusting to let them eat off the floor I vacuumed it all up. Until tomorrow when I am sure I will be sweeping up more food off my floor. You cannot tell in this picture how elated Maddox really is. I have never heard so many squeaks and squeals of excitement. from this little one.


Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Yeah - I can relate. When my niece I am watching and Tyler were both like 15 months I would pour cheerios on the floor on a certain place and they would stay there for a good 20 minutes. That gave me time to get stuff done. I would vacuum every night. Hey man you gotta be creative when your a mom - and good attitude about letting them be a kid. I have to remind myself of that still from time to time when incidents arise.

janet said...

Yes... that has happened many times, but only with my youngest. We STILL cannot leave a box of cereal within his reach. At 22 months, he still has the desire to pour.